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Watchmen is in serious danger of being replaced by Inglourious Basterds as my favorite movie of the year (to this point). I liked it the first time. Loved it the second.
This covers Episodes One and Two of Wolverine and the X-men.

So the Nicktoons channel aired the U.S. premiere of the new X-men show, titled, creatively enough, "Wolverine and the X-men". What? You missed it? Well, fear not. I'll give you a quick recap: everything you need to know that happened in the first two episodes.
Spoiler warning...I guess...for those who care enough not to be spoiled (which I guess would be no one).Collapse )

All in all, it's clear to me that this will be made of pure awesome, and I for one will be waiting eagerly for the next episode, next friday.

In other, related, news, Toon Disney plays old school X-men, Avengers, and "Spider-man and his Amazing Friends". X-men is the same as always, Avengers, though I only saw one episode, featured a lot of Iron-man getting the shit kicked out of him, and Spider-man and his Amazing Friends is made of pure, unadulterated awesome. At least the episode I watched, which featured an X-men reunion (since Spider-man's amazing friends are apparently Iceman and Firestar) which Spider-man wasn't allowed to go to. The voice acting is atrocious, Xavier and Cyclops both sound like they're constipated, and Wolverine has an australian accent a la "Pryde of the X-men" (though a different voice actor, I think).

Now I'm passing out, because I've been working all day and I'm fuck tired.
So, American Astronaut is a weird as fuck movie that views like a dream sequence. But it has some pretty awesome/amusing songs in it, which then become the whole reason to watch. I like most of the songs in the movie, but these are the videos for my favorite ones--the ones that I could find on youtube.

Hey Boy, Hey Boy

The Boy Who Actually Saw a Woman's...Breasts!

Let's Have a Party

The Girl With the Vagina Made of Glass

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a couple clips on youtube, but that's the way it goes.

A semi-sequel, Stingray Sam, is showing at the Sundance Film Festival.

Fucking winter.

To make me feel better

As always, thank you val for showing me this :o. My brother and I watch this video quite often.


just sayin--lol @ my icon

Mr. T

Video. I don't know why, but every time I hear him say "weirdly neutered wishes come true tree" I can't help but laugh.

Last life in the Universe Icons

Took 200 screencaps from Last Life in the Universe and decided to make some icons out of them.


More under the cutCollapse )


On the twelfth day of Christmas, mandom sent to me...
Twelve valliebeths drumming
Eleven super_leche_tags piping
Ten miaules a-leaping
Nine starbucks dancing
Eight cats a-milking
Seven nietzscheesies a-swimming
Six socrates a-laying
Five bu-u-u-unnies
Four trekkies
Three icons
Two socratots
...and a clamp in a ffvii.
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